Freestyle Motocross

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We will confirm that The Arenacross Promo Tour will be visiting us in 2019 at a later date.


What is Freestyle Motocross?

FMX, or Freestyle Motocross, takes the high-flying action of Motocross and lets it lose 40 feet above the track. Riders hit purpose-built ramps on specially modified dirt-bikes and then, as if flying across a 50 ft gap on an 100 kg bike wasn’t enough, they will attempt to out-do each other by performing tricks, flips and whips, all for your entertainment!


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freestyle motocross
freestyle motocross

The Riders

jamie squibb

Jamie Squibb has been billed as the best FMX rider in the UK – a pretty impressive title to hold!

Hailing from Devon, Jamie has been riding Freestyle for 14 years now and all the broken bones, dislocations and other injuries that his body has endured tells that story! You'll most likely see Squibby throwing down flip after flip and as if they didn't look difficult enough, he also has a fondness for incorporating crazy trick combos into those flips…keep an eye out for them as they have to be seen to be believed!

Name Jamie 'Squibby' Squibb
Age 34
Hometown Devon, UK
Bike Kawasaki 450F
Sponsors Kawasaki UK, DC Shoes, Thor, Cti knee brace, Rock Oil, Dunlop, Freestylextreme, Moto Shack
Relationship With Megan Jefferys
Years riding 14
Worst injuries Broken back, torn liver and spleen, dislocated hip
Loves Building jumps in the digger and riding at home in the woods for fun then drinking a ton of beer
Hates Rubbish weather and bulls******s, people who kiss ass to get everywhere in life

steve summerfeld

Aussie Steve Sommerfeld has got to be one of the nicest guys in Freestyle.

He's also possible the most Australian person you've ever met! And he takes that with him when he hits the ramps, pulling out some insane tricks that have got to be seen to be believed, all with what looks like the most minimal fuss possible. Steve's also been riding FMX for 14 years and, like Squibby, has the hospital reports to prove it. Out for a good time, watch out as Steve liked to ditch his bike, jump the crowd barriers and join the audiences in watching the show!

Name Steve Sommerfeld
Age 32
Hometown Tiaro, Australia
Bike KTM 250SX
Sponsors Lakes Networking, LKI Clothing, FreestyleXtreme, Motorex, KustomMX, TAG, MXHoch3, Full Perch Footpegs, GB Orthopaedics, CFX Seats, KTM Australia
Relationship Married to Rachael Sommerfeld
Years riding 14
Worst injuries Broken back and tailbone, leg/ankles six times, reconstructed shoulder, wrist/arms five times, both collarbones…the list can go on and on…
Loves German beer, Kangaroo steak, Call of Duty, wakeboarding with crocodiles and sharks in our backyard river, drumming, lazing about, curry, peppermint tea, travelling the world
Hates Gyms, rap music, snow and rain for months on end, German autobahns with roadworks every 20km, Vegemite, beach sand everywhere in the car, tent, house…

2018 Arenacross Tour

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To experience the full hit of both FMX and World Class Indoor Motocross racing…Arenacross will be touring the UK in January and February.

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