Thursday 13th June

CDI 3* Special - 9.45am

CDI 3* Freestyle - 11.20am

CSI 4* Showjumping - 4pm

Cazenove Capital Eventing Grand Prix - 7pm

Witness leading eventers go against the clock in a combined event. Riders tackle show jumps and cross country fences in one round! Get up close and personal as riders tackle the course at speed! A 5* line up of event riders head to the first leg of the Cazenove Capital Eventing Grand Prix includes; 

Kate Tarrant, Andrew Downes, Joseph Murphy, Alex Hua Tian, Morgan Kent, Harry Horgan, Jeanette Brakewell, Jay Halim, Carlos Paro, Ruy Foncesca, Ginny Howe, Paul Sims, Louise Harwood,Emma Hyslop Webb, Gemma Tattersall, Bill Levett, Sarah Way, Chelsea Pearce, Chris Burton, Kristina Hall Jackson

With Captain Mark Phillips confirmed to build at what is now a three-leg Eventing Grand Prix series, the competition looks set to be of the highest calibre